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Our Security Assessments Cover A Wide Range Of Areas:

  • Office Building/Building Management/Dormitory Security
  • Garage, Parking Lots, Access and Adequate Lighting
  • Awareness Programs For Students/Reducing Risk Through Education which are being marketed with Social Boosting to get awareness in a bigger audience
  • Hotel Security, Motel, Multi-Residential, Apartments and Condominiums/Off Campus Housing
  • Hospital Security & Medical Centers & Medical Centers
  • Hospital and Healthcare Security Surveys
  • Retail Security and Shopping Malls, Strip Malls
  • College Campus Security and Schools/Museum and Library Security
  • Risk Assessments/CPTED/Crime and Risk Analysis
  • Bullying in Schools/Title IX/Social Media
  • Restaurants and Parking Lots
  • Training/Supervision/Crisis Management/Patrol Procedures
  • High Rise and Office Complexes, Gated Communities & Large Complexes
  • Sports Security, Concerts and Crowd Control/Tailgating
  • Physical Security Survey & Best Practices
  • Banks/ATM Security & Safety
  • Emergency Management vs.Soft Targets
  • Corporate Security/Physical Security Manager
  • Entertainment Security/Concerts/Spring Break Weekend
  • Alcohol Server Liability/Rape/Clery Act

Assessing Security Measures And Protocols In Litigation Cases

In this article, you can discover:

  • The tools and methods used to assess security measures and protocols
  • The importance of light measurement and latch testing in evaluating security
  • The value of capturing visual evidence to support litigation cases

What Is Your Process Of Assessing Security Measures And Protocols In A Litigation Case?

In my assessments of security measures and protocols, I primarily rely on two tools. The first is a light meter, which measures the level of light in areas such as parking lots or facility entrances. This helps determine compliance with guidelines for foot-candle measurements. The second tool is a small screwdriver, which I use to test the latch on exterior doors. If the latch can be easily manipulated, I recommend the installation of a guard plate to prevent unauthorized access.

Additionally, I possess a high-quality camera that allows me to capture images at night and during the day. These pictures are invaluable, especially in cases where visual evidence of the facility at the time of the incident is required. For instance, if a car accident occurs in a shopping market parking lot, I can provide accurate photographs for trial purposes, even if the case goes to court several years later.

Have You Provided Expert Testimony In Court Before? How Many Times Have You Done This Type Of Case?

I have extensive experience providing expert testimony in court. I have testified both as an expert witness and as a police officer. Over the course of my career, I have testified approximately a dozen times. While I have not testified in court in the past 10 years, I do not anticipate doing so in the near future.

When testifying, I adopt a meticulous approach. I arrive at the courthouse early to familiarize myself with the courtroom environment. It is important to be relaxed and ensure there is water available to avoid a dry throat during extended testimony. As an expert witness, I may refer to my report during testimony to accurately convey my opinions and findings in the case at hand.

What Is The Role You Play In Security Litigation Consultancy For Attorneys And Businesses?

In security litigation consultancy, my role encompasses various aspects:

  • Case Analysis: By reviewing all relevant materials, I analyze the case and gain a comprehensive understanding of the incident. This process allows me to identify key issues and develop strategies accordingly.
  • Security Assessment: Conducting on-site assessments, I provide a hands-on evaluation of security measures and identify any deficiencies or vulnerabilities. Through photographs and evidence documentation, I support attorneys in presenting a clear picture of the security conditions at the facility.
  • Forensic Analysis: I ensure that all observed facts and evidence are included in my reports, enabling the articulation of well-supported opinions. This information is crucial for expert witness testimony and maintaining effectiveness during cross-examination.
  • Development Of Legal Strategies: I collaborate closely with legal teams, including attorneys and paralegals, to support the development of effective legal strategies. By educating the team on the security aspects of the case, I assist them in presenting a compelling argument in court.
How Do You Approach Risk Mitigation Strategies?

How Do You Approach Risk Mitigation Strategies?

Risk mitigation strategies are crucial in security. I am particularly fascinated by the conceptual aspects of risk management. Similar to the idea of "cancel culture" discussed in a television show, many physical security concepts rely on understanding and addressing potential risks. For instance, a museum may have initially implemented adequate security measures, but over time, equipment may become outdated and malfunction. Proper testing and maintenance are essential to avoid detrimental consequences. I believe in proactively assessing security equipment functionality and promptly addressing any issues that arise.

Effective camera systems are essential components of security, but their proper functioning cannot be assumed. It is not enough for the screen to display live footage; the critical question is whether the system is accurately recording incidents. Failure to ensure proper recording functionality may undermine the effectiveness of a security system when it is needed most.

When You Begin To Work With Attorneys, What Is Your Goal As A Security Litigation Consultant?

As a security litigation consultant, my ultimate goal is to support attorneys in winning their cases. Regardless of which side I am working for, my objective is to provide legal and ethical assistance as an expert security professional. Through forensic analysis, accurate documentation, and expert testimony, I strive to contribute to a successful outcome. In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, I foresee future litigations that will demand the expertise of professionals specializing in these fields to conduct thorough security assessments and contribute to the development of effective legal strategies.

Are You Familiar With Working Alongside Legal Teams And Providing Support In The Development Of Legal Strategies?

I am experienced in collaborating with legal teams. In significant cases involving a team of lawyers or paralegals, my role is to educate them about the security aspects of the case. By sharing insights into what went wrong and how to develop a compelling argument, I assist legal teams in crafting effective legal strategies. For more information Security Measures & Protocols In A Litigation, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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