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We Do Forensic Security Consulting Which Consist Of:

  1. Educate the attorney on various aspects of security that apply to this case and provide Professional Support
  2. Conduct a Risk Assessment
  3. Site Visit
  4. Review material
  5. Review Police Reports and Data
  6. After analysis Conclusions
  7. Report

Expertise And Specializations In The Field Of Security

In this article, you can discover:

  • My expertise in security, gained through education and authorship
  • The applicability of security principles across different locations and incidents
  • Showcasing the breadth of my knowledge and past experiences

What Is Your Expertise In The Field Of Security?

In the field of security, my expertise spans various disciplines. Through my education at Harvard University and authorship of numerous books on physical security, I have gained comprehensive knowledge and experience in this field. Whether it's a security case in a museum or an apartment complex, the underlying principles remain consistent across different locations.

Are There Specific Areas Of Security Or Types Of Incidents That You Specialize In?

While I don't specialize in any particular area, my expertise lies in the broader field of security. The principles of physical security are applicable regardless of the specific location or type of incident. Whether it involves lighting, alarm systems, or key control, the core issues remain the same across various disciplines.

Can You Provide Examples Of Cases You Have Worked On?

Throughout my career, I have encountered a diverse range of cases and investigations. These include:

Malfunctioning Alarm System in a Museum: During a visit to a museum, I observed an unusual movement on the ceiling, which turned out to be a faulty alarm system. Despite the security director's assurance of its functionality, the system was broken and failed to work properly.

Safe Break-in Investigation: In cases where a safe has been compromised, identifying the culprits can be challenging. For example, when four individuals have access to the key, it may initially seem logical to suspect them. However, considering additional factors such as their absence during the incident becomes crucial in narrowing down the possibilities.

Do You Have Knowledge Of Relevant Laws, Regulations, And Industry Standards Related To Security And Data Protection?

My expertise primarily lies in security-related laws, regulations, and industry standards, rather than data protection. I am well-versed in security standards and guidelines established by organizations such as the American Society for Industrial Security. However, when it comes to specialized fields like cybercrime and cybersecurity, I do not possess the necessary expertise.

How Do You Stay Up To Date With The Latest Developments In The Field?

Staying informed about the latest developments in the field of security is essential. These developments are often announced through industry publications and organizations. For instance, the American Society for Industrial Security releases standards and guidelines for security operations and training, providing valuable insights. Regular training and drills are also crucial to keep security personnel updated on current trends and practices.

Have You Utilized Relevant Standards In Your Work? How Do You Approach Report Writing?

In my work, I frequently utilize relevant standards, such as those provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These standards assist in developing comprehensive security plans and conducting risk assessments for facilities. When it comes to report writing, I devote significant time and effort, typically spending four to six hours to craft detailed reports that are approximately five pages long. These reports serve as vital documentation to support cases and assist attorneys in achieving favorable outcomes.For more information Expertise In The Field Of Security Consultancy, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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