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How Can I Determine When It's Appropriate To Engage A Security Litigation Consultant For A Specific Case? What Criteria Should I Use To Do So?

Determining the right time to engage a security litigation consultant for a specific case is essential for effective legal representation. The decision to do so is often initiated by legal counsel. Attorneys may recommend a consultant based on prior successful collaborations or their knowledge of the consultant's expertise. A referral from legal counsel can be a strong indicator that it's the right time to engage a consultant.

If making the determination yourself, consider the specific security-related requirements of the case. If the case involves security issues, such as premises liability, property protection, or safety concerns, it's a clear sign that a security litigation consultant can provide valuable insights and expert testimony. Consider also the geographic jurisdiction of the case. Engage a consultant who is familiar with the laws and regulations relevant to the specific area where the case is being held.

The complexity of the case and the depth of security-related issues involved are also factors to consider. Highly complex cases or those with significant security implications are prime candidates for engaging a security litigation consultant.

What Are Some Examples Of Cases Where The Involvement Of A Security Litigation Consultant Significantly Impacted The Outcome?

Involving a security litigation consultant can have a profound impact on a case. A case I worked on in 1980, one of the first cases I had, acts as a great example where my contributions significantly influenced the case's outcome.

The attorney recognized the importance of precise details, saying to me, “Larry, when the prosecutor asks you about the lock on the door, I want you to be able to tell him what the exact type of lock was because his next question is going to be, ‘How do you know what the exact type of lock is when you haven't been to the site?’” I hadn’t physically visited the site of the incident. Fortunately, though, others working for the firm had taken photos that I studied extensively.

This was crucial in the deposition and negotiation stages and ultimately led to a settlement before proceeding to trial. Effective deposition preparation, a thorough understanding of security matters, and skillful communication can sway the outcome in favor of the client. As such, consultants who excel in depositions can provide attorneys with the edge they need to achieve favorable settlements or court decisions.

What Qualifications Should I Look For When Selecting A Security Education Consultant?

I highly recommend considering the following criteria when engaging a security litigation consultant in Massachusetts.

Diverse Experience

Look for a consultant with a diverse and extensive background in the security field. Experience in various areas, such as campus security, alarm systems, museums, apartment complexes, dormitories, and more, can provide valuable insights and real-world knowledge.

Specific Knowledge Base

Assess how the consultant's specific areas of expertise align with your educational needs. A consultant with relevant knowledge and experience in the subject matter you're seeking to address is a valuable asset. With this, also consider their educational background. A consultant with a solid academic foundation in security-related disciplines may bring a deeper understanding of the theoretical aspects of security.

Works Authored And Awards

In addition to my hands-on experience, I've authored over 40 books, with my most recent one titled 150 Things You Should Know About Security. A consultant that has put their ideas out into the world shows they’re able and willing to take feedback from others who may criticize their point of view. This clearly demonstrates their ability to communicate important things related to security to a broad audience.

Beyond experience and written contributions, recognition often stems from awards received over the years and extensive lecturing engagements. Sharing knowledge and insights through lectures has been a substantial part of my journey, allowing me to contribute to the field of security in other profound ways. Look for the same in a consultant.

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