A Seasoned And Successful Pennsylvania Litigation Consultant

Seeking advanced forensic security consultation on a tough case? Allow veteran litigation consultant Lawrence Fennelly to lend his assistance.

Winning a criminal case in Pennsylvania is about more than speaking well or having a strong presence. You need to convince a jury of evidence in favor of your client, and in many cases, this can prove difficult. What do you do when evidence is weak, open to interpretation, or scanty?

Allow Litigation Consultants’ Lawrence Fennelly to offer his help and insights. Lawrence Fennelly brings with him over 40 years of experience in law enforcement and criminal science. He has authored 42 books on a variety of topics, including investigative interviewing, physical security, and crime prevention.

What’s more, his passion for the truthful interpretation of data and the details that others have missed make him an excellent choice as a key help within and outside of the courtroom. Whether you’re defending or prosecuting a difficult case, the right litigation cases support services can mean the difference between winning and losing.

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What Can A Litigation Consultant Offer?

Litigation Consultant, Pennsylvania

A practiced litigation consultant can be an immense help in both prosecution and defense. With decades of experience in law enforcement, handling evidence, and interviewing witnesses, Lawrence Fennelly is deeply familiar with multiple aspects of investigative processes that can easily be mishandled. His multiple degrees and national recognition make him the ideal candidate to review your client’s case and offer his analysis.

Lawrence Fennelly can not only review evidence out of court and offer his opinion but can travel throughout Pennsylvania and New England to interview possible witnesses. The right set of eyes and ears can drastically change the course of your client’s legal battle and bring to light important information that was missed. His skill can be especially helpful in cases involving alleged violence or sexual assault.

Consider the case of a University of Southern California student who was charged but later cleared of rape charges. Initial reports described the student as having taken advantage of an extremely inebriated classmate after a party. Later video evidence, however, strongly indicated that the alleged victim had, in fact, initiated the encounter and was aware of her actions.

Without that footage, a young man would have been unjustly accused of a terrible crime. This is precisely the kind of overlooked evidence that consultant Lawrence Fennelly excels at finding. Understandably, this insight can also be valuable in a courtroom and in front of a jury. Why should you consider a litigation consultant not only outside but within the courtroom?

What Makes Juries Hear Out A Litigation Consultant?

For both a jury and the public, the words of a skilled witness can hold a different kind of weight than the words of a lawyer. While your role is to either passionately defend your client or plead their cause, a litigation consultant can offer a uniquely neutral and balanced view of events and information.

Some of the toughest cases can be the most emotional as well as violent, and juries can be easily swayed by an emotional counter-argument against your client. For these reasons, allowing a seasoned and objective veteran of law enforcement and the criminal sciences to explain his findings to a jury can be of immense help.

In these respects, Lawrence Fennelly has proved to be a valuable ally for hundreds of lawyers over the course of his career. He can explain complex details to a jury in the courtroom, and provide useful breakdowns of data such as charts or maps to clarify information. This bird-eye view of criminal evidence can help a jury make sense of complicated information. Perhaps more importantly, it can cut through the emotionalism of a case to meaningful facts.

For your client, this can mean the difference between a positive outcome on one hand and immense disappointment on the other. With decades of both hands-on and academic experience handling evidence, witness interviews, and security issues, Lawrence Fennelly can help bring your case from opaque to usefully clear.

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Lawrence Fennelly, A Trusted And Reputable Witness For Your Toughest Cases

Litigation Consultant, Pennsylvania

Seeking help with a difficult criminal case? Allow renowned and successful litigation consultant Lawrence Fennelly to offer his insights and help.

Prosecuting or defending a case in Pennsylvania with scant or mishandled evidence doesn’t have to feel impossible. Lawrence Fennelly’s astute forensic security consulting services can bring new details to light, and present these details to a jury successfully.

Whether using Mr. Fennelly’s 40 years of experience to build up stronger evidence or to present this evidence in court, there are few voices more qualified to review all materials and seek new information. Allow this seasoned and respected law enforcement veteran to assist your client in getting the justice they deserve.

For a free initial consultation, you can reach out to Lawrence Fennelly of Litigation Consultants at (617) 616-8742 today. Your next tough case in Pennsylvania can also be among your most rewarding and well-represented.

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