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Don’t fight your battles alone! We can help you and your attorney with your case.

We know that injustices can happen anywhere. Often, inadequate security plays a silent partner in crime. However, many individuals chalk it up to "bad luck" and seek to move on as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, moving on means seeking a remedy for an injustice against you.

Lawrence Fennelly has been in the crime prevention sector for nearly half a century. With that knowledge and experience, he has assisted attorneys and clients with criminal cases.

Having attended the Cambridge Police Academy, Mr. Fennelly has first-hand experience assessing security risk and forensics. He started Litigation Consultants in 1980 and has provided litigation case support services to attorneys and their clients throughout Massachusetts and Maine ever since.

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What Are Litigation Cases Support Services?

Many times, when attorneys take your case, they can strengthen its impact by having expert testimony. This testimony can come from professionals in different fields. Typically, the ideal choice is to secure an expert from whichever field is most relevant to the case. Aside from expert testimony, we help to support many different types of litigation consulting. Some of the most common categories we provide services for include:

  • Hospital Security and Medical Centers
  • Retail Security and Shopping & Strip Malls
  • College Campus Security
  • K-12 Campus Security
  • Restaurants' exterior and interior
  • Museum and Library Security
  • High Rise and Office Complexes
  • Entertainment Venue Security and Crowd Control
  • Garages, Parking Lots, Access and Lighting And many more!

How Can Litigation Consultants Help Me?

Simply put, we provide support to you and your attorney. Although we are not a law firm, we work closely with lawyers on cases that require more in-depth knowledge. Since our specialization is in forensic security, we can assess the details of a case's investigation and help attorneys understand where establishments may have failed the client. For example, say you were mugged at your apartment complex, which had security gates and cameras. If the gates aren’t working, anyone has access to your complex. If the cameras aren’t working, it really hurts the chances of finding the culprit. Your lawyer may request the security camera footage, but the apartment complex may admit not having it all. We would assess the reasoning as to why the gates weren’t fixed and why the cameras weren’t working; both factors create a less secured place. If it turns out your apartment was lying about having working security cameras, then it presented a false picture of safety. Our services would look into that criminal investigation and offer forensic analysis. We would be able to investigate the crime's reason, motivation, and actual occurrence.
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Can Litigation Consultants Represent Me In My Case?

While Litigation Consultants are present throughout Maine, we are not a law firm. We can and will work closely with your attorney to get you the best outcome possible. Your attorney may call on us for expert testimony or forensic analysis of an incident. In either scenario, we understand the difficulty that can arise from seeking justice. Just like your attorney, we stand as part of your team to ensure you feel as supported as possible. It may seem impossible to go up against an establishment with which everyone else has had a pretty standard experience. More often than not, clients are not wrong to feel the way they do when they have faced justice. Because of this, we make sure that we advise both attorney and client in the case. Having a cohesive structure for speaking with the attorney and client helps us develop a better plan.

Litigation Consultants: Litigation Cases Support Services Serving Maine

We’re the support you and your attorney have been looking for! Are you seeking an experienced litigation cases support services firm in Maine? Litigation Consultants is happy to assist you and your attorney in getting the support you need. Our services are often discussed in more detail during an initial meeting. This way, we are best able to understand your case and how we can help. Many times, a professional's expert testimony helps to make the case solid. Although each case is unique, justice should be served equally. You can increase your chances of success with us on your team! For more information and to schedule a risk-free consultation, call the Litigation Consultants office at (617) 616-8742.
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