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Many industries need vetted and experienced forensic security consulting services in their daily operations. A business owner can hire an outside security company to take care of operational needs. An attorney on a case may work with an outside consulting service to provide support services during litigation.

In New Hampshire, attorneys with supplemental assistance from specialized litigation consulting firms benefit from expert topic knowledge. Keep in mind that attorneys are not specialists in the crimes being tried in court. They are specialists in knowing and understanding the laws. An attorney serves as legal counsel to help clients navigate their rights and seek justice in the legal system.

Litigation Consultants have helped countless attorneys in their cases. With experience spanning more than 40 years, Lawrence Fennelly has led Litigation Consultants in assisting clients to gain the knowledge they need to support their clients’ cases.

Clients are the backbone of Litigation Consultants. Strong and vigilant business owners and attorneys are the reason Litigation Consultants exist. We pride ourselves on helping businesses secure their livelihoods and helping attorneys serve their clients with top-quality assistance.

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Can Litigation Consultants Be Called To Testify?

Litigation Consultation New Hampshire United State

Most cases are more than just open-and-shut. By nature, the legal field is robust. For every law, there are numerous ways people try to skirt around it. Often, perpetrators are trying to gain some upper hand that they didn’t have before.

Regarding forensic security consulting, Litigation Consultants provide strong support for cases dealing with these threats. Attorneys are excellent at navigating the legal field for clients and presenting cases in manners in which juries and judges understand the facts. However, the nuanced details of forensic security measures are a specialized field.

Litigation Consultants offer New Hampshire attorneys an intricate view of these specialized services. Support services for attorneys can cover a range of tasks, but they are most aptly concerned with the fine-detail reporting of evidence within a case.

In these regards, litigation consultants can serve as expert witnesses. Being able to summarize complex information in a way that can be summarized for courtroom presentation is a critical skill in litigation consulting. Our company has mastered this skill and the art of effective communication to aid attorneys in meeting the needs of their clients.

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What Kind Of Litigation Support Can Litigation Consultants Offer?

Litigation Consultation New Hampshire United State

Preparation can take months for very complex cases. While longer cases have challenges, they also present some of the best opportunities for litigation support.

It can be daunting to comb over evidence and follow the story as the evidence unfolds and how events occurred. Try as they might, attorneys can only go off of inductive and deductive reasoning, even when presented with eyewitness testimony.

This challenge creates a learning gap that Litigation Consultants can fill. Part of our duty is expert testimony, while the other part is education. Our main goal is to help attorneys understand the evidence that is set before them so that they can connect all of the dots of the case with supporting materials.

Records, documents, and the like support the case the attorney has already outlined. Filling in missing pieces of information and understanding how a risk assessment report fits into a case can help attorneys create the best plan of action for their clients.

For instance, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publishes The NFPA 30 Guide For Premises Security, which has revised editions every few years. This publication details the latest findings in mitigating risks to life and property by addressing key weaknesses. Typically, this guide will cover factors in construction, protection and occupancy features that need to be tackled to secure environments.

A guide like this isn’t easily readable and would require the assistance of someone familiar with forensic security risk assessment. This way, it can be broken down and understood by audiences outside of the forensic security field.

Litigation Consultants: Supporting New Hampshire Attorneys

Are you in need of litigation support services? Litigation Consultants can help!

Are you seeking forensic security consulting services in New Hampshire? Litigation Consultants have the skills you’re looking for!

Getting ahead of the issue is always the ideal plan. With Litigation Consultants, you’ll be able to serve your client to the best of your ability. With our specialized experience providing litigation support, you can rest assured you are putting your best foot forward in getting your clients the outcome they deserve.

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