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Ensuring your business is protected from outside threats is crucial to its success. Understanding the needs of your company as it grows is an essential part of entrepreneurship. At varying stages, your company must reassess, reaffirm, and recommit to the policies and procedures it began with. Starting from zero, however, can be daunting.

Initially, you may have started with a bare minimum outline of how your company would be secured. Later on, you most likely got rid of the strategies that didn’t fit or didn’t apply to your industry. Still, having a security strategy that fits your business needs takes time. There is trial and error and evaluation. This is how you find the best fit for you.

With over 40 years of experience, Lawrence Fennelly has assisted many attorneys in security-related cases. This experience has led Mr. Fennelly to understand how important seemingly irrelevant details truly are. With special attention to detail and unwavering patience, Mr. Fennelly is able to lend a hand in resolving some of the most high-cost cases.

With an expansive knowledge of security and risk management paired with an extensive network of attorneys nationwide, Mr. Fennelly and Litigation Consultants raise the bar for risk assessment firms. Vermont clients can rest assured that their needs will be met with top-tier service.

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What Is Forensic Security Risk Assessment?

Litigation Consultation Vermont United State

The field of forensic security is concerned with the detailed investigation of threats. Often, a full risk assessment can detail shortcomings both inside and outside of an organization. In regards to securing a physical location, many aspects are taken into consideration.

For example, you are a hotel manager and need your hotel secured. A risk assessment would involve walking the grounds and assessing personnel operations. An understanding and analysis of what personnel have clearance and access to what attributes of the security system are set in place. Also, varying levels of security clearance, including who is allowed, where, when, and for what purposes, need to be considered.

It is essential to understand the details if you may have had a former employee gain access somehow. Asking the right kinds of questions is critical to getting the answers you need. If you’ve decided to bring a lawsuit against someone, it has to be based on more than just a hunch.

Considering all of these factors can highlight weak spots within the organization. A vital piece of this process is understanding what can be strengthened from the inside to mitigate any threats from the outside.

How Often Should My Business Undergo A Risk Assessment?

How often your company runs a forensic risk assessment is up to you, for the most part. However, some industries will require security assessments more often than others. Vermont has strict guidelines in place to keep security standards high. Many industries must be vigilant in getting and maintaining high-security assessment scores.

Working in the banking, hospitality, or medical fields means there is always high physical security. These are essentially high-traffic areas. The more entry points and the more people, the more likely you are to have a security breach. Knowing the weak points in any system will allow for improvement.

Understanding what assessments need to be done and what assessments have already been done will go a long way in supporting your case. The above industries keep very detailed records of security and risk assessments and what is done to mitigate risks.

If it can be proven through these records that your business has done everything that it could have done, it can help your case. In addition, proving that there was some type of negligence when you did seek remediation, say on the part of a locksmith or some outside company, can also help highlight your due diligence so the appropriate party is brought to justice.

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Litigation Consultants: Helping Vermont Clients Mitigate Risk

Litigation Consultation Vermont United State

Do you want to know how you can improve security measures? 

Are you in need of a forensic security risk assessment in Vermont? Litigation Consultants has over four decades of risk assessment experience.

The best way to gauge what security measures you need to invest in is to know where you may need to improve currently. An in-depth assessment will allow a thorough evaluation of the system you already have in place. Once weak spots are identified, you can institute better policies and procedures. You’ll have a better understanding of how your operations can be better protected, ensuring the security of your environment and revenue.

Call Litigation Consultants at (617) 616-8742 to schedule a risk-free consultation. Take the first step in securing your business today!

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